Lucja's Diary

Vacation at Club Pepe
DEC 28th, 2004:
DEC 29th, 2004:
  •        Dinner is great. I did not leave a single crumb for Pepe. He is big enough.
    Tough day overall. Let’s sleep at the door, just in case.
DEC 30th, 2004:
  •        Pepe is really stupid. It was so easy to get him into trouble. He followed me
    everywhere, even in the woods, where all the burdocks were. Then they were all in
    his coat. You should have seen the groomer’s face when he found out. Back home,
    Pepe spent an hour on the operation table. At last some relaxing for me, quality
    time. Let’s see if I can find some burdocks around the house for tomorrow.
  •          Another grooming session in the evening. Wow, this is tough. I mean the guy’s
    singing. Now he is trying Figaro and his Italian just sucks. Please give me the hard
    brush but shut up. Doesn’t he know any Lynyrd Skynyrd or similar ? He could sing
    about some nice places like Alabama or Arizona.
DEC 31st, 2004:
  •        Another grooming session, this time it is short and no tortured operas. Pepe is
    the one who is tortured. I like watching him being groomed. I admit he is good
    looking, on the other hand, it’s nice to see him suffer.
  •        Today, we take it a little bit slow. The humans sleep in the afternoon. They were
    talking about a party. That could be interesting. Pepe and I sleep as well. Then there
    is quality playtime on the bed. I wonder when they clean up all the mess we are
    making. It’s about time. Afterwards Pepe is doing markups, while I am getting a
    birdie again.
  •        Yes, there is a party. We go to the neighbors to meet with Wally (the vicious
    hunting dog) and Sadie (the black Lab). There are a lot of people, lots of food and
    booze. Great party. Hopefully, the New Year starts as good as the old one ends.
Part #2
  •        Arrival at Club Pepe.
  •         Dad brings my stuff and then leaves me alone with this strange crowd.
  •         I sleep near the entrance door, in case Dad comes back to my rescue.
  •       No one comes to rescue me.
  •        What shall I do with this hormone loaded
    teenager, who never leaves me alone ?
  •         I skipped breakfast but later I tried
    some of the treats and they were fine. May be
    it is not too bad at all.
  •        We went to Tanglewood for a walk. These new
    people speak in a strange language. I have no clue
    what they want from me ! But whenever I return to
    their side, I get treats. So far, that works great. I
    will have to teach them how to deal with a real
  •        The neighbor's bitch came over for a visit. I
    was able to scare her off with my fierce barking.
  •        Pepe seems to cool down. Still, he is pretty
    jealous of me. I manage to sneak onto the bed.
    Some old tricks Emmett knows, but this youngster
    Pepe has way to go. Easy meat for me.
  •        Grooming session with the new guy. He is
    pretty rough on me and I barely manage to heep
    some of my mats. While grooming, he is singing
    German folk songs !?!?
  •       Ahhh, a new day of vacation.
  •          I am the first one awake. After jumping on
    the bed and a round of French Kisses, finally,
    they get up. At least one thing could be easier
    than at home.
  •        The breakfast buffet offers BARF diet
    today. Next time I will book an "All you can
    eat" vacation. They never serve enough in these
  •        Pepe teaches me how to deal
    with aliens. We play with Ali, the
    extraterrestrial. Let one of those
    ever come to my house, I will give
    ‘em the "PON Alien Prevention (=
    PAP)" test and then send ‘em back
    to Alpha Centauri.
  •          Then we went to Tanglewood
    again. Lots of sunshine and I had
    hoped for a performance of the
    "Carnival of the animals" by Saint-
    Saens, but instead we met Coal the
    poodle. Pepe and I did a great
    herding job with him. It was nice to
    be around 2 guys too.
  •        Again, I am the first one up. What a lazy bunch. No one even moves before 6am.
    Terrible, there are so many nice things you could do and everybody just sleeps.
  •        A dead bird for breakfast. I get my breakfast while Pepe is out patrolling the
    streets. While he is out doing his stupid marking job, I am eating my delicious early
    meal. Although, what’s about the yogurt and those seeds ? I never ordered them, I
    don’t like them, but they are in every meal. Hey, show me the chef, so I can set him
  •        Pepe and I are digesting in the yard.
  •          Later I show him some gardening tricks, which I learned from Emmett.
    Gardening is also a good way to get your portion of fresh vegetables. Yes FRESH, I
    guess the F in BARF stands for Fresh and not for Frozen.