Tytus Dziechcinek, "Tater"
Tater will always be remembered as such a special dog to us.  It went so much
beyond being a show dog, but I am so proud of his accomplishments: Tytus
Dziechcinek was Best of Opposite in the Puppy Sweepstakes at the 2005 PON
National and three time Best of Winners for 14 points, all on majors, at nine
months old.  I loved to show him because I was so honored to have him as my dog.  
I regret not going after that last point because he truly deserved to be known to the
rest of the world as the Champion we knew him to be.         

Tater was most importantly our wonderful companion.  He was our clown.  He was
so intelligent and he began to teach me how to communicate with dogs.  He was
soulful.  He was so full of life and energy that what we're going through now seems
impossible.  He was still a puppy.  He was always friendly.  I loved to see his little
tail wag.  He was constantly playing, always had a toy with him, unless he was
eating or barking when he became so excited to see us.  It was so hard to get out of
bed this morning and go through the morning feeding ritual without him there to
patiently monitor me.         

He has inspired us to love dogs even more than I thought possible.  I hope that he
knew how much love and joy he gave us and I hope that he felt our love  in return.  
We feel fortunate to have known Tater and feel so sad now without him.
Rich & Jan