Polski Owczarek Nizinny

"Pepe"- officially  POPRAD Azurowa Amhara
Sylena ) came to us from Poland in November 2003.
He was bred by Ewa Besaraba, kennel "Azurowa Amhara"
Pepe's Pedigree
Pepe is our oldest PON and the only male we have.
We were interested in PONs long before Pepe came to us, but
once he arrived at JFK our true love for this wonderful breed
started. Our life became – PON centered :)

He was the cutest puppy we have ever seen. Soon we realized
that he is not just cute but also very intelligent with an incredible
memory. Because of this cute fur ball we met many new friends
and became involved in dog shows with a lot of success and fun.

Pepe is the most gentle and laid back dog, but at the same time he
is the boss of our two PON girls.
Every toy in our house is his and each new toy has to be approved
by Pepe before anybody else can play with it.
He is crazy about balls like many other dogs but his favorite one
is the huge yoga ball, which is twice his size.
Pepe loves to take a ride in the car, any time and anywhere, even
if it is just around the corner. He is happy to come along. Besides
taking a ride Pepe loves to go for walks especially in wintertime.
He is a free spirit and very intelligent dog, who needs some space
to think :) He loves to play in the snow and it is never too cold for
him, even if his whole body is covered with snow balls.
In summer, the only game that makes Pepe move is trying to
catch the cold water from a water hose.

In 2005 we participated with Pepe in a Herding Clinic organized
by a Bouvier Club and we were amazed by his incredible instinct.
He is a natural born herder and his instinct motivated us to
organize the Annual New England Herding Clinic for PONs,
every early summer.  

He is our 48 pounds of pure love and cuteness!!

Besides being a family member and herder, he is also very
successful in the show ring:
Best Of Breed at National Specialty 2005, Award of Merits at
Westminster 2006 & 2007 and countless Best of Breed wins.

In 2007 Pepe became a Canine Good Citizen at the Responsible
Dog Ownership day in NYC.

Below you can see more pictures of Pepe but don't forget to take
a look at the gallery, show and news sections.
CH. POPRAD Azurowa Amhara CGC