Polski Owczarek Nizinny
CH OZDOBA Kontekst
02.21.2005 – 06.04.2012
Ozi came to us from Poland in 2005. She was bred by Grzegorz
Robak, kennel Kontekst.

For the past seven years she brought joy, fun, laughter and pride to
our every day life. Very sudden, unexpected and way too soon we
had to say goodbye to Ozi in June 2012. We didn’t want her to suffer
and live with pain. No words can express how much we love her and
how heartbreaking it is to loose such a friend. We will always
remember her as the Queen of the house who loved food – which was
her life passion!  She loved to be part of any family gatherings, not
only because of food but she loved to sit on sofas, chairs, garden
chairs, bed, anywhere high. That way she was able to see what was
going on :)
Unlike many dogs, she never liked to play ball or with any other toys.
Sometimes she was in the mood for fetching Frisbee but it had to be a
special day. She loved to chase the squirrels and like many PONs she
loved winter and snow.

Ozi was also a very successful  "
show girl". She finished her AKC
Championship before her first birthday and this was just the
beginning: she was Best in Sweepstakes at National Specialty 2006,
Best of Breed at Westminster 2007, she won many group placements
and multiple Best of Breed. Always owner-handled.

Below you can see some pictures of Ozi our dear and unforgettable
friend……. you can also take a look at past Galleries, Shows and
News, there are many pictures of her as well.
Ozi's Pedigree
We miss you Ozelle....