Polski Owczarek Nizinny
Ch. ZACNA Dziechcinek

Zola - officially ZACNA Dziechcinek (JESTEM FERVIDUS Ken-Pol
& OSTOJA Dziechcinek) came to us from Poland in 2007. She was
bred by Beata Lesniak-Malecka, kennel "Dziechcinek"
Zola's Pedigree
Zola is our youngest female and even though she is already three
years old she is the baby of the house. She is very attached to Pepe
and Ozi and needs her pack to feel comfortable and "at home".
We can say that she is a home body and feels obligated to protect
her territory.

Zola is the cuddliest PON and she loves to be hugged, petted and
enjoys all the attention she can get. She returns her love to us with
wet kisses with her unbelievable long tongue. Zola is the first one in
the morning to let us know it is time to wake up. We never

Zola, like all our PONs loves winter, and the colder it gets the more
energy she has to romp around. Diving in the snow is one of her
passions but she also likes to play with toys and very often joins
Pepe at chasing the ball.

On November 20th, 2009 Zola finished her AKC Championship !!!
Always owner-handled.
In the past, Zola finished three levels of obedience and attended
the TTouch seminar with Anna.

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