The friends' archives...
It is easy to make friends if you are cute...
Blind date...
No stick with this carrot...
Don't try this at home...
Getting some rest before the group...
Rain or Shine, any weather is fine...
Walter, the vicious hunting dog
is tricking the neighbors with his
new costume.
This table is much too big for us.
Teresa, the Pro Groomer :)
Padraig, the Irish sleeping pill.
Bastus & Agusia
I let them eat all my apples but they never want to play ....
Puerta del Sol, Madrid, Spain. Spain loves "Uncle Pepe" !
What friends are for ...
Lucja's Vacation Diary
Christmas Puppy Kisses
If you have a PON
meeting, make sure
there is enough cake
for everybody.
Is this a chocolate or
liver cake ?
Pippin / Zane / Lucja / Cheerio / Pepe
How many people do you need to keep 5 PONs under control ?
7 adults and one Bichon Frise !