The friends' archives...
It is easy to make friends if you are cute...
Are they just visiting or do they stay ?
The gang of the neighborhood.
Kordells and Klockes in the "Cutest Tongue" contest in
Brimfield, MA
Abbee, Ski and Josie, our pen pals from the Midwest.
Our heart goes out to Rich and Jan, who lost their most beloved and
most precious puppy
Tytus Dziechcinek...
Sir Walter reveals his
secret identity as rein-dog
in the local newspaper.
Who would have guessed
that we have such a famous
New Kids are in town.
Pepe        Angel of Boston       Ozi
Nice picture of 4 PONs plus honorary PON Emmett. But he gives away that he is not a
PON by looking at the camera. PONs look anywhere else but the camera. They are sooo
shy !
Checking out the local