Anton and Max guarding Mt. Fuji...
PON Anton and his buddy Max, who are living in Japan. You would think
that this is the homeland of the PONzilla.
But according to the owner, Anton is ALF in a PON costume.
We were very lucky to film a
visit of a different kind of
Click on the picture to see the
Visiting Zosia,  Brew and Duncan
Polish and German "sheepdogs" from the neighbourhood
Zosia and Brew vacationing in PONzilla Land...
Anton and Max shopping with their mom ;)
...and Anton relaxing on a rice field
Just checking if Madrid still loves Pepe....
Yep, Puerta del Sol is ruled by Uncle Pepe !
There are even a couple Tio Pepe Restaurants ...
New York City
Winter PON gathering.
Fun, fun, fun.....-:)!!
Halka vacationing in
Pepe as an Italian spice mix.....
We assume it must be a very sweet mix!
PONzilla Adamas enjoys his very first snow :)
And Tonito at the age of 10 months relaxing
on the Florida beach.
Our lovely guest from Poland, Flinkbein Dla Kontekst "Janek"
and the PONzilla girls :)