Old News from 2005 & 2004....
DEC, 29th 2005: Tater
left us. If anyone
discovers a bright new
star at night, that's him.
NOV 08th, 2005: Pepe receives the invitation for EUKANUBA as
#10 PON in the rankings.
October, 2005: The
APONC calendar for
2006 features Pepe as the
"January Model".
OCT 06th, 2005: PON National Specialty in Somerset, NJ
Pepe wins Best of Breed and
gets all kinds of rosettes and
Ozi likes the prizes and Pepe
explains to her that she will win
those too once she is grown.
Anna and Volker are thinking
about a little addition to the
house as a trophy room :)
10/06/2005  Pepe wins the National Specialty for PONs at the Morris & Essex dogshow in New
Jersey. The judge is Mrs Gellerman, on the right is Ryan Kerner, president of the American Polish
Lowland Sheepdog Club.
AUG 21st, 2005: Pepe is two years old..
Happy Birthday
and a big bite
from Ozi.

Sto Lat !!! Sto Lat !!!
JUN, 2005: PONexclusive store is up and running
MAY 05th, 2005: New PONzilla in US
OZDOBA Kontekst arrives in
the US and joins the PONzilla
For Pepe and us it was love at
first sight. She is full of energy
and needs a lot of energy (=
food). Ozi's favorite toy right
now is Pepe.
Back to the fun of puppy
JAN 16th, 2005: AKC EUKANUBA National Championship
Pepe competes at the AKC
EUKANUBA  National
Championship in Tampa, FL.
He is the youngest in the ring.
He makes a great
performance and his handler
and groomer are proud of him.
SWEEPSTAKES by the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club
in Sarasota, FL
The new champ Pepe wins
BEST in Sweepstakes and is
entered in the Best of Breed
competition for the first time.
JAN 9th, 2005: DeLand Florida
Pepe wins his second major and becomes an
AKC Champion
JAN 3rd, 2005: The 2004 issue of
the famous "Magazyn Polskiego
Owczarka Nizinnego"  pictures
Pepe. As always, there are many
interesting articles and very nice
DEC 01st, 2004:
Pepe appears as
December PON in
the 2005 calendar
from the PON Club
eV in Germany.
NOV 16th, 2004: We just found out that the guestbook allows any
length entry but only a few lines are stored. Sorry but this ball is in
Yahoo's court. Please keep it short until the Yahoos at Yahoo fixed
their guestbook storage / display problem.
NOV 15th, 2004: We got "fonted" by Bill Gates. It seems only our
computer has this beautiful Windsor Font, which no one else has. So
everything appeared out of whack. Fixed all texts in a sleepless
night session, thanks Bill.
NOV 14th, 2004: Highly anticipated website PONzilla.COM up and
NOV 8th, 2004: Invitation to EUKANUBA
You can not imagine how excited
we are. Pepe received invitation
National Championship" for
being #16 PON in the ranking.
AUG 2004: Texts on German website
Volker's texts appear on the website of the German
PON Club eV. The texts are issued once a month and
describe some of our experiences as a PON family. At
this time, the texts are in German only.
Click here to see the texts...
AUG, 21st 2004: Pepe's 1st Birthday
We even had a big party,
only the BigE was big
enough for all my friends.
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