January 1st.
Happy New Year!!!!
January 23rd
We received the official CD Certificate of
PONzilla Boczek.
Big congratulations to Terry and Boczek,
for such a wonderful achievement.
March 31st
The PONzillas and "pisanki"
Easter Sunday!
August 21st
Today we celebrated Pepe’s 10th birthday.
He is as handsome as ever and as sweet as always.
Happy Birthday Dear Pepus
Many more to come!!! 100 lat, 100 lat!!
September 23rd
September 24th
Happy 3rd Birthday to PONzilla Puppies.
100 lat, 100 lat!!
Sweet Barree, Bessy, Brody and Boczek
Today we received the results of Pepe's and Zola's DNA
tests for PRA.
We are happy to announce that both of them are:
If you are looking for more information about
PRA - Progressive Retinal Atrophy
or would like to obtain a
DNA test for your PON visit
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website

October 12th
Dog Mountain, St. Johnsbury, VT
Fall Party 2013
Join us for the next dog party in VT....
November 6th.
Are you interested in a needle felted PON?
Perhaps a mini version of your PON :)
Please visit my Etsy Shop.
All PONs and other items are handmade by me.
November 25th.
Happy Birthday Beautiful Zola!!!
STO lat, STO lat!!!